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Onlinewholesaleparts Privacy Policy

Onlinewholesaleparts Values the privacy of its visitors and strives at all times to ensure that visitor personal information remains secure.

Onlinewholesaleparts is the sole owner of the information it gathers on its site.

Onlinewholesaleparts will only share your information with outside parties by your request, approval, or if we are required to do so by law.

All personal data and details concerning financial transactions are administered behind a firewall. All members of staff are fully aware of the implications and scope of this Policy and only access such information when necessary.

What Information is collected and how is it used is indicated below - no information is collected without your consent.

1. Participation

1.1. There may be instances from time to time where you are invited to participate in a special promotion, to receive our Newsletter, or take part in a survey, where we will request certain personal information, the minimum being your email address. This information will only be used for the purpose for which it was requested which will be made clear at the time.

1.2. Personal address details may be revealed from time to time to a contractor, sending out a Newsletter could be an example. However, in any such instances the contractor will also have made a Privacy commitment in line with this one, and your details will therefore be destroyed on completion of the contract

1.3. Personal details remain confidential. However, the demographic data may be used from time to time in conjunction with our partners, but such data never reveals the originator

1.4. Such communications will always carry a link, the use of which will allow you to unsubscribe from any such future communications

2. Contact Us

2.1. When choosing to use any of the links providing the facility to contact us by email, your mail will include your email address and your name. This data is only used to respond to your original mail and not added to any listing

3. Purchaser details

3.1. On making a purchase on our site you will be asked to provide personal information. The personal details provided will be used to confirm the order, and effect delivery

3.2. As with any marketing operation, customer details are retained for the purpose of making future contact and/or used as the basis of market research, they are not revealed to any third party.

3.3. On an ongoing basis they may be utilized to keep you informed of product availability, changes and special offers. Such communications will always carry a link, the use of which will allow you to unsubscribe from any such future communications.

3.4. As a valued customer, you may be requested in the future to assist us with market research, as a part of our ongoing endeavors to provide the best possible service. In this event you will have the choice, to partake in the survey or not. Any information you provide will be analyzed and the results may be shared with our partners. The results however are purely demographic and can never be related to the originator.

4. Payment details

4.1. Your payment details (credit card or bank details) remain entirely confidential and are not used for any other purpose than processing the one payment for which they were provided.

4.2. Such details are forwarded directly to the financial institution involved, being handled on their secure servers and is not retained by our store.

5. Verification

5.1. Where your personal details are retained, either as a visitor or as a customer, you will be able to verify their accuracy, and correct or modify them by emailing us at

5.2. You can also request that they be deleted by mailing us at

6. Complaints

6.1. Should there be reason for you raise a complaint regarding our products / services or customer service, this will inevitably involve your including personal details. Such details will only be used in the course of resolving that issue

6.2. To raise a complaint please mail us on

10. Cookies and logged files

10.1. Whilst we may utilize the use of Cookies from time to time, they will not be used as a means of collecting information regarding you. They will only be used, where deemed appropriate, to record statistical information, or to leave data on your hard drive, which will make subsequent visits to our web site more user friendly. For example a cookie created on a previous visit could automatically insert your full address details as a result of your only entering your email address on a second visit.

10.2. We may log IP addresses and browser types for systems administration purposes. These logs will be analysed to improve the value of the materials available on the website. A users session may be tracked, but the user will be anonymous. We do not link IP addresses to any personally identifiable information.

11. Future changes

11.1. Any future changes made to this Policy will be notified to existing customers, who have not requested removal of their details, by email.

12. Comments or Queries

12.1. Any comments or queries regarding this Policy should be mailed to

13. Deleting Cookies

13.1. You can delete Cookies from your hard drive at any time from within your browser. Please refer to your browsers “help” section for more information.