#C352 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Isuzu Impulse Oasis Rodeo Stylus Trooper Troopró˛Denso Fuel Pump
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Product Description

Brand New Denso Fuel Pump for list vehicle below:

Year Make Model Discharge Model-Engine

1992 ISUZU Impulse 1.8L 1809cc.

1991-1992 ISUZU Impulse 1.6L 1588cc.

1990 ISUZU Impulse 1.6L 1588cc.

1998-1999 ISUZU Oasis 2.3L 2254cc.

1996-1997 ISUZU Oasis 2.2L 2156cc.

1995-1997 ISUZU Rodeo 2.6L 2559cc.

1992-1993 ISUZU Stylus 1.8L 1809cc.

1991-1993 ISUZU Stylus 1.6L 1588cc.

1996-1997 ISUZU Trooper,Troopró˛ 3.2L 3165cc.

1994-1995 ISUZU Trooper,Troopró˛ 3.2L 3165cc.

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