#C350 88-93 BMW Pump Repair Kit 16141184022 325 325is 325iX 325i 318i 325i E30 fuel 88 89 90 91 92 93
Item# BWFP-012
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Product Description

Reference Part Number: 16141184022
This is a brand new oem quality fuel pump repair kit, it will only work with car originally with bosch pump. Some late models came with a Delco pump which is NOT interchangeable. This pump is a complete assembly with suction tubes and pick-up screen. GFP 315 is pump only! If equipped with Delco pump as original equipmet,then thie complete assembly is required. This pump assembly uses 62 168 782 015 for O-ring.
Factory List Price is $349.13
1988 BMW 325  
1988-1991 BMW 325is  
1988-1991 BMW 325iX  
1988-1991 BMW 325i  
1991 BMW 318i  
1992 BMW 318i E30
1992-1993 BMW 325i E30

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